#24 - About My Depression

#24 - About My Depression

January 4, 2017

UPDATE! The recovery site I was trying to remember was NOT recovery.org. It was these people: Self Help Addiction Recovery | SMART Recovery®. I really recommend the discussion forum and the homework. It really saved me.

Today officially kicks off my long season of depression. This is what it's like for me and what I might try this year if I have it in me.

Here's that Reddit thread I was discussing:

Cognitive therapy alone was the most effective treatment for social anxiety disorder, compared to medication alone or a combination of cognitive therapy and medication together, finds researchers based on a randomized clinical trial. : science

But most importantly. 


We Want To Build A Shower For The Homeless In Our Building - The Homeless Charity

Just give one dollar. We REALLY need your support more than your money at this point. It will help the morale of the people we work with and also will show the community that people care about the homeless cause.

Thank you!


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